awards given to students
9-12 Graders

Texas Junior Science & Humanities Symposium

Texas high school students present their original research in a professional arena.

Texas Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (TJSHS)

Presentation Schedule

All presenters should be in the room of presentation at least 2-3 talks prior to start time and be prepared to present in the event of an absence of an earlier presenter.

Presentation Time Category Name School Project Title
01/27/2023Computer Science/MathematicsShreyes BalachandranSt. John's SchoolAnalysis of Patterns of Opinion Created by Influencers in Tweets about the Uvalde Shooting
01/27/2023Computer Science/MathematicsRaghav RamkiPlano East Senior High SchoolBiomarker Predictive Modeling of Population Level Signaling for Cancer Treatment Optimization
01/27/2023Computer Science/MathematicsAmitha MandavaPlano East Senior High SchoolTraffic Counting System Using Machine Vision
01/27/2023Computer Science/MathematicsShaumprovo DebnathKeystone SchoolClassifying Data from Subvocalized (Thought) Letters Collected from the Brain by Electroencephalogra
01/27/2023Computer Science/MathematicsAlbert JiangPlano West Senior High SchoolFinding a Lower Bound for k-Unbounded Hamilton Cycles
01/27/2023Computer Science/MathematicsShobhit AgarwalReedy High SchoolFISQ: A Few-Shot, Interpretable, and Self-Supervised Quantum Machine Learning Approach to Automated Medical Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment Prediction
01/27/2023Computer Science/MathematicsKapil PandaTexas Academy of Mathematics and SciencesAnalysis of Optimal Portfolio Management Using Machine Learning Techniques
01/27/2023Engineering IMichael YangA&M Consolidated High SchoolProposal of a Novel Model for Biomass Gasification in a Fixed Bed Downdraft Gasifier - with a Consideration for Tar Residue
01/27/2023Engineering IPeter BrownA&M Consolidated High SchoolDevelopment of a 1 DOF Compliant Space Mechanism
01/27/2023Engineering INaren GaneshMartin High SchoolRadAI: An Artificial Intelligence Model for Detecting Urban Sources of Radiation via Existing Cell Phone CMOS Sensors
01/27/2023Engineering IAlan HuangKeystone SchoolReducing the Yaw Instability of a Forward-Swept Wing Design
01/27/2023Engineering IKevin SuHeritage High SchoolPiezoelectric Ceramics: Optimizing Electric Response through Property Manipulation
01/27/2023Engineering IAnthony XuAllen High SchoolA low-cost low-power long-range localization system using Helium Network
01/27/2023Engineering IJoshlyn StoverKeystone SchoolUsing carbon quantum dots to detect the presence of highly harmful pesticides in Animal feed
01/27/2023Engineering IHarry WangSt. Mark's School of TexasAquatic Soft Robotics
01/27/2023Engineering IIRebecca GarzaAcademy of Science and TechnologyUtilizing Swept Wing Technology to Design Planes with a Stable Longitudinal Axis After Turbulence
01/27/2023Engineering IIRicardo VictorioAcademy of Science and TechnologyDesigning a Soft Robotic Solar Tracker to Increase Efficiency of a Solar Cell
01/27/2023Engineering IIVictor MoranJay Science and Engineering AcdemyConverting a Gas Engine to use Compressed Air
01/27/2023Engineering IIVarun SridharIB World SchoolA Non-invasive Multimodally-Sensing Prosthetic Hand System Integrated with Digitally Embedded Smart
01/27/2023Engineering IIHrishikesh HarishIB World SchoolLow Energy and Cost Effective Plastic Upcycling
01/27/2023Engineering IIRifa GowaniTexas Academy of Mathematics and SciencesConverting Body Heat into Electricity for Medical Devices by Optimizing Thermoelectric-Generators
01/27/2023Engineering IIPiyush BudagaviJasper High SchoolIntelligent Irrigation
01/27/2023Engineering IISaura AgarwalShepton High SchoolUV Savior
01/27/2023Environmental ScienceKate LeePlano West Senior High SchoolTesting the Effectiveness of Aloidendron barberae and Bambusa dolichomerithalla as Natural Coagulant
01/27/2023Environmental ScienceRicardo De QuevedoHarmony School of Excellence-LaredoBioplastics: A Potential Alternative to Oil-Based Plastic
01/27/2023Environmental ScienceAaron LiuSt. Mark's School of TexasCanine Littered-Excrement and Nuisance Remover (CLEANR)
01/27/2023Environmental ScienceMargaret WhittenA&M Consolidated High SchoolSoil Remediation
01/27/2023Environmental ScienceKiera OcampoJay Science and Engineering AcdemyA Solar Panel Moisture Detection System for the Delivery of On-Demand Splash Zone Cooling
01/27/2023Environmental ScienceAngelina ShenThe Awty International SchoolWater and Hydroelectric Power Sharing
01/27/2023Environmental ScienceMadhalasa IyerPlano Senior High SchoolMaximal Triglyceride Production by Co-cultivation of Isochrysis galbana and Bacillus megaterium for Third-Generation Biofuels
01/27/2023Environmental ScienceShivani NathanJasper High SchoolPleurotus ostreatus as an Alternative Method of Cellulose Extraction on Agricultural Crop Residues
01/27/2023Life SciencesBryan HongPlano Senior High SchoolA Novel System to Calculate the Infectivity and Prognosis of a Virion using AuNP Binding and Laser W
01/27/2023Life SciencesPranav GortyIB World SchoolFinding a Novel Prerequisite Inhibitor to Target RAD51 Function in Cancer Cells Through a Flexible M
01/27/2023Life SciencesPrisha BhatIB World SchoolRhizomediation with Agro-transformed Oryza sativa to Facilitate Arsenic Degradation in-situ
01/27/2023Life SciencesArundhati VankayalapatiIB World SchoolManipulating Cyclin D3 in Glycine max to regulate Mitosis via Agro-transformation
01/27/2023Life SciencesShriya BhatPlano East Senior High SchoolCloning and Mutagenesis of ampC Gene in P. aeruginosa to Identify Potential Allosteric Binding Sites
01/27/2023Life SciencesZehra JafferyPlano West Senior High SchoolAttenuation of Methlyglyoxal Cytotoxicity via Fisetin Rescue in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
01/27/2023Life SciencesManyaa BhatiaReedy High SchoolUtilizing a Receptome and Metabolomic Approach to Standardize Novel Early Diagnostic Methodology for Glial Tumors and Alzheimer's Disease
01/27/2023Life SciencesSonia ShethTexas Academy of Mathematics and SciencesReactive Astrocytes and their Cilia Signaling in Alzheimer’s Disease
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IYash SabooBASIS ShavanoOptimization of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for Pneumonia Classification on Pediatric Chest
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IChristine TianLiberal Arts & Science AcademyStatistical Analysis of DNA Methylation Age in Breast Cancer
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IPulkith ParuchuriHeritage High SchoolParkinSense: Accessible and Remote Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis, Telemonitoring, and Treatment via Multimodal Machine Learning and Digital Biomarkers
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IRashmi BasuKeystone SchoolDifferentiating Steatosis from Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis using Ultrasound Fatty Liver Indicator
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences ILishore KumarTomball Memorial High SchoolInferring Gene-Gene Interactions from miRNA Binding Sites
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IMedha PulluruVista Ridge High SchoolWhat is the Effect of Methamphetamine on Blood Brain Barrier Permeability and Leaky Cellular Junctions as seen in Cerebral Cavernous Malformations...
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences ISamia SadminJack E. Singley AcademyDream Psychology: the Correlation Between Psychological Well-being and Dreaming Habits
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IHannah GuanBASIS ShavanoMulti-Dimensional Interpretable Interaction Network (MDiiN) for Modeling Aging Health and Mortality
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IIAleena AhmadKeystone SchoolDepression and Anxiety in Adolescents Before and During the Pandemic
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IIAnjali IyerPlano Senior High SchoolHyperphagia Knock Out: The Treatment of Prader Willi Syndrome via D-Galacturonic Acid as a Prebiotic Agent to Stimulate Anorexigenic Pathways by the Secretion of PYY to Counter Ghrelin
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IIDiya ShahWilliams High SchoolEffects of Utilizing Bioactive Descriptors of Piperoyl on B16-F10 as Neoteric Treatment for Melanoma
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IIJayanth MokkapatiPlano West Senior High SchoolLow-Cost Lung Cancer Detection Using Machine Learning on Breath Samples
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IINeel MarripalapuJasper High SchoolA CNN based real-time Blood Pressure estimation using Photoplethysmography Waveform Data
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IIAlanna PolyakPlano West Senior High SchoolUsing Planarian Stem Cells on Lumbricina as a Model Organism to investigate a Cure for Encephalomyel
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IIAnika ChebroluTexas Academy of Mathematics and SciencesDeepLig: A Novel Artificial Intelligence Approach to de-novo Drug Design for Glioblastoma Cancer
01/27/2023Medicine & Health/Behavioral & Social Sciences IIKyla GrayPrestonwood Christian AcademyEnvironmental Psychology in Relation to Students: How the Design of Academic Environments Directly I
01/27/2023Physical SciencesVivek AthipatlaCarroll High SchoolSurface Cleanliness of Hydrothermally Grown Zinc Oxide Microparticles for Antibacterial Usage
01/27/2023Physical SciencesHamza HaquePlano East Senior High SchoolLunar Ground-tracking and Landing Trajectories: An Application to Facilitate Lunar Trave
01/27/2023Physical SciencesAithreya ThoppayReedy High SchoolTunable Fabric: A Multilayered Material with Electrically Induced Conformation Change For Modifiable Stiffness
01/27/2023Physical SciencesSimona KaoLiberal Arts & Science AcademyAnion Binding and Recognition through Secondary Binding Interactions in Solution
01/27/2023Physical SciencesBhargav AnnemLiberal Arts & Science AcademyImpact of orbiting satellites on star formation rate evolution and metallicity variations in Milky W
01/27/2023Physical SciencesNayan VemireddyJasper High SchoolArtificial Bones: Mohs Hardness Testing of Artificial Bones using Magnesium, Calcium, and Collagen
01/27/2023Physical SciencesDhilan NagPlano East Senior High SchoolReversing Decoherence of Qubits in Quantum Computer by Approximating the Distance of Spatial Propgat
01/27/2023Physical SciencesAlden PoolJay Science and Engineering AcdemyInvestigating the effects of surface are on charcoal briquettes and it